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Welcome to my website, I hope you’ll find some music to enhance your life today! Music is the language of the cosmos brought into mathematical and mystical form here on planet Earth. I am so honored to be part of that alchemy and to share my music with you.  I hope you will have an emotional experience while listening. Music has the power to heal us, to open our hearts and our minds.  Although not all of us will feel the same affects, it is very inspiring to hear if my music moves you in any way, so just Send me a Message with the blue link in the right hand corner before you go!

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A Rhapsody Lives in You


I believe we all have a unique song in our hearts and energy field that comes through in our laughter and our tears. I was inspired to compose this piece by my wife Lucie who is currently dealing with a rare sarcoma. Her 'Rhapsody' comes through her in her life force and it does for all of us. It's the harmony of the cosmos that connects us all. We are a song!

Released 2022

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Coming to America Concerto

COMING TO AMERICA CONCERTO, is Lisa Swerdlow's, classical crossover and contemporary instrumental music paying homage to Lisa Swerdlow's Jewish ancestors, who fled the Russian Pogroms. A dynamic and cinematic exploration of a journey of Russian immigrants, told in three movements.

Swerdlow considers herself a storyteller, and last year, she started researching her grandparents' immigration to the United States from Russia (and what is now Ukraine) in the years 1907-1910 due to persecution of the Jewish people.

The first movement - the Russian klezmer-themed "Home of My Ancestors" - tells the tale of life in the Jewish ghettos and villages of late 19th and early 20th century Russia in a global music style. 

The Concerto progresses to the second movement - “The Crossing” - evoking the transition and anticipation of what lies ahead. The ocean’s horizon is infinite, the future is unknown and the past is already far behind them.

In the final movement - “Arrival” - reality dawns. A new life awaits them, in a country where they don’t speak the language, don’t understand its culture, and don’t have any friends or relatives waiting for them. And yet, as their ship passes the Statue of Liberty, they understand her welcoming message and feel grateful for their new homeland. “Arrival" weaves calm melodies of sorrow and builds into an exhilarating message of hope.


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Composer Lisa Swerdlow released a homage to her Jewish ancestors entitled “Coming to America” which she hopes will inspire immigrants. She has also recently been nominated for the Hollywood music in media awards for her contemporary classical piece, “All is not lost.”   read interview

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All Is Not Lost
Equus Rising
Lasting Impressions
Carousel of Life
Dawn Contemplation

* July 16, 2022
House Concert


Lisa Swerdlow

with Brian Kelly - an award-winning composer, pianist and recording artist


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